PET Negative-Positive-Negative (NPN), Prewired, with Reflector
Unit of Measure


N/A Transparent Detection


N/A Transparent Detection Photoelectric Sensor (PES)

Mounting Type

N/A Mounting Bracket (E39-L153, E39-L104, E39-L43, E39-L142, E39-L44, E39-L98, E39-L144, E39-L150, E39-L151, E39-L93FH, E39-L93FV, E39-L93H, E39-L93V)

Output Type

N/A Negative-Positive-Negative (NPN)

Operating Ambient Temperature Range (with no Icing or Condensation)

N/A -25 to 55 ºC

Storage Ambient Temperature Range (with no Icing or Condensation)

N/A -40 to 70 ºC


N/A E39-RP1, E39-RSP1, E39-RP37, E39-L153, E39-L104, E39-L150, E39-L151, E39-L43, E39-L142, E39-L44, E39-L98, E39-L144

Body Type

N/A Rectangular - Compact

Sensing Method

N/A Retro-Reflective

Electrical Connection

N/A Prewired

Light Source

N/A Red Light Emitting Diode (LED)


N/A Light-ON (L-ON) Switch Selectable, Dark-ON (D-ON) Switch Selectable

Direct Current (DC) Supply Voltage

N/A 12 to 24 V


N/A 31 mm


N/A 21 mm


N/A 10.8 mm

Housing Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Indicator Operation

N/A Operation Orange, Stability Green

Cable Length

N/A 2 m


N/A Chemical Resistant, Washdown Resistant

IP Rating


Sensing Distance

N/A 0.1 to 0.5 m

Protection Circuits

N/A Reversed power supply polarity, Load short-circuit protection, Mutual interference prevention, and Reversed output polarity protection

Operate/Reset Response Time [Max]

N/A 1 ms

Approximate Weight (Connector) (Packed State)

N/A 20 g

Approximate Weight (Pre-Wired Cable (2 m)) (Packed State)

N/A 70 g

Degree of Protection

N/A IEC IP67, DIN 40050-9: IP69K

Power Supply Voltage (Reference)

N/A 15 V

Current Consumption at Power Supply Voltage of 30 V [Max]

N/A 15 mA

Ambient illumination - Incandescent Lamp [Max]

N/A 3000 lux

Ambient illumination - Sunlight [Max]

N/A 10000 lux